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Time flies. But pigs don't, don't be silly.

Posted by Etheral117 - July 28th, 2010

Last time I posted it was just before summer started. Now I only have a few weeks until I'm off to college. I still need to get my driver's license!! But I'm a good driver, so I'm not too worried. However, still. COLLEGE?! WHAT HAPPENED TO THE TIME!! For instance, I got up at nine, it's felt like forever, but it's only 1:30. Yesterday, SEVEN hours just flew out the window before I had even realized that ONE had passed!!! Someone slow down the rotation of the Earth, PLEASE!!! In fact, REVERSE it a little! I want this summer to last!

Time flies. But pigs don't, don't be silly.

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i already got a car and im in college.


Actually sorry about that... it's my fault. I have been deliberately accelerating the passage of time so that I could get to pay day sooner.

Apparently I caused someone's lovely old Grandma to pop her clogs prematurely, so I have been instructed to cease and desist from making alterations to the chronostream.

Once again, I apologise.

So... no reverse??

As punishment for the modifications I made to the temporal flow, I have been imprisoned.

You could say I'm doing...

*puts on sunglasses*

hard time

<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FIe_EMOPVh8&amp;feature=fvw">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FIe_EM OPVh8&amp;feature=fvw</a>

No No, Steve is too busy with those Magnets

He can help me by keeping them away from my xbox.

Maybe if we called Superman and got as high as the guys who made the scene with him reversing the earth's rotation, we could pull it off.

But there's no chance of that!! Sure, we could find Clark Kent, but we'd never get him to admit he's Superman!!!

We could kill everyone he knows and loves so he'd reverse time. =D

I wouldn't try that if I were you. You know how overprotective he can be. Just look at what nearly happened to Lex Luthor when he killed Flash.


Ich bien ein berliner

You need that Waverider dude

I'm watching Duplicity. Five minutes into the film and I'm already lost. I feel like I missed the intro. What on earth is going on ?

Never saw it, so I can't help you. Sorry!!

Just invite everybody he knows and loves to a tea party. Poison everybody's tea. If Superman tries to kill us we can just flash our armor made of cryptonite to make him our bitch to do our bidding.

... ooooor maybe not. He could just back up and then fry us with eye lasers.

If you shot a hole in your games console, would that make it an ex xbox ?

No, that would make it an Xbox with a hole in it.

A Holy X Box ?

Then you would have pilgrims visiting you from all over, hoping to have their illnesses cured just by touching one of the control pads.

That wouldn't be too bad, just so long as they were quiet and didn't get between me and the TV. Oh, and keep the Holy Water away, I don't want any accidents!!

Aha! But I would use a mirror to deflect the laser!

Then he would shoot the mirror out of your hand. Then what??

lol Steve is very busy.

I'd activate my conveniently placed Pitfall trap that leads to a pit of cryptonite. But if he flies out? I camp by the pitfall trap and when he comes up he gets hurt by my cryptonite armor. But if he avoids THAT? I call the monster I made out of cryptonite to attack Superman. Beat that. &gt;_&gt;


A living monster made out of Kryptonite is a cool idea

Very true... But then Batman would show up and meddle with it!!

Not if I make 3000 clones of the Joker to distract him! MWA HA HA HA!

Well then the whole damn Justice League will get involved!!

shine on benevalant sun

You know I'm honestly stumped here for a moment.

sounds good bro

I've already tricked the Justice League into a black hole!

Well shit, now you've created the Anti-Justice League!!!

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