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I really liked it, it had a good pace and awesome powers!

A couple of little nitpicky things though: the Uzi in room 2 uses a "silenced" firing sound despite not having a suppressor, and you gave the sniper rifle in the same room a bolt-action rfile's animation despite that particular type being a semi-auto.

Aside from that, it's nearly flawless!

I remember first watching this years ago, and at the time I was very impressed with the animation. It has certainly aged well, too - the animating work you did is just as crisp and fluid as I remember, it almost loks professional! I'll certainly remember this piece as one of the best animations on NG, as well as a personal favorite of mine for as long as I've been visiting Newgrounds.

Well, I suppose you wouldn't be surprised by this rating at this point. I've seen better from a first animation, and I've seen much much worse. I am curious, though, what a remake of this would look like considering how much you've improved in this time.

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Best flash game I've played in a looong while! The mechanics are very interesting, combined with a great soundtrack and addicting gameplay!

Speaking of the soundtrack, it's on Billtron209's page - he's listed in the Credits and Info box, now go give him some love too!

I'm guessing Kego wasn't paying attention when



The controls DO work, and they ARE adequate. Now, I havn't gotten very far yet, but I am really enjoying this game, Engrish and all. Makes it feel even more like a translated early-age arcade game, which I found humorous. Not sure if I'm ready to give it a 10, but as I am I'm perfectly happy to give it a 9.

stellar-0 responds:

lol thank you, the engrish wasnt on purpose though but now that you enjoyed it, it's a pleasure XD it was it's not our first language XD. anyway thank you for playing and reviewing ^^


I remember watching a program about D-Day, viewed from both sides. One part of it centered on a single German gunner, reciting the letter he had planned to write home that day as he held his ground against the Allied invasion. I can't help but remember this every time I play this game. He fought on, until the end, but I do not know what happened to him. I cannot help but remember, that just because they wore the swastika on their arms did not make them all evil. Many were just like the Allied troops, young boys drafted to fight a war they didn't really want, eagerly awaiting that next letter from home while trying not to forget to write themselves. Fighting on in the belief that the cause they were fighting for was good and just, for how could the common infantryman know what was really happening behind the charade?

I'm sitting here now, listening to the epilogue song, thinking back, picturing every war movie or CG television program about WWII, seeing scenes like the German gunner reciting his letter as he tried to hold off the tide of men, or an American in a burning tank-destroyer desperately holding off a German counter-attack with the mounted machine-gun until reinforcements can arrive, or a Russian in Stalingrad lamenting the loss of his friends after the day's fighting before lighting a cigarette, and I hear this song playing behind all of them.

This, in reality, is a very simple game, but the shear food for thought it presents once you have finally been beaten just causes a truly sad feeling. For some reason I can imagine an American officer breaking into the back of the bunker and pulling the young gunner out just before the explosion tears the bunker apart.

Here's to a happy Memorial Day, and say some prayers for me. My best friend got out of US Army basic training a month ago, and he is on his way back to duty right now. He's not being deployed oversees, but that doesn't mean I can't pray for both his safety and the safety of all of our soldiers, sailors, marines, and airmen, deployed or not.

And with one final "Thank You" to Xeptic and friends for this game, I bid you goodnight.

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Very well done, it fits into the game and helps set the mod very, very well!


Have blown the Nostalgia Meter in my mind.

A little upbeat and kinda jazzy, like "Dinosaurs Playing Rag", but still with the overwhelming sense of nostalgia.
Well done. 5/5 9/10

Nostalgic, yet fresh upon the ears. It is a little difficult to hear the chorus at first, but by the end of the loop it starts to come out more. I must say, you're improving. Very well done.
5/5 9/10

VGSongbird responds:

Thank you ^_^

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"Rhy is dis missirr not made of cake? Fix immediatry!"


But I must disagree with the debaters below. Though SC4's Nightmare certainly looks badass, my favorite has always been the SC2 suit. It kinda helps my case that the SC2 Nightmare is the logo for the Project Soul Dev team, so... take from this what you will. But still, awesome work dude.

dommi-fresh responds:

its all a matter of opinion

You, sir

Have a talent that I could only dream of copying. Zero always was my favorite Gundam.
Anyway, I would never have the shear patience required to do that with a drawing. I'd scrutinize every last detail, but I would never shade it in, never add shadow to it or add a background. And with charcoal, of all things? I would never imagine it as forgiving. But then, I've never had a serious art class. I merely copy and adapt what I see to my own style. Very impressive, to say the absolute least.

giogiogio4 responds:

charcoal is very forgiving. Well Vine charcoal is. Its a differant method of drawing then you would with pencil. It forces you to draw more in masses and defining colume rather then lines and detail detail, Kinda like the paint of dry media.

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